OPD Approach to Proposal Development

Open communication between us and other members of the team is one of our guiding principles. It is never too early to engage in a conversation with us about your proposal. We are best able to contribute when we have detailed information and ample lead time. We will use our initial conversations to determine your needs and customize our approach. Our team has extensive proposal development experience and broad subject matter expertise, and we look forward to working with you to prepare a compelling, compliant, and (hopefully!) successful proposal.

A Note about Confidentiality

Except for publicly available information, Office of Proposal Development staff maintain strict confidentially in the services that we provide to the research community. In general, OPD does not share material, including proposal documentation and any associated files (including correspondence, budgets, design files, etc.) that we review or develop, or proposal-related information in internal and external systems, unless we have written consent from the project PI.

There are important exceptions to this practice. OPD staff may share materials internally for input, advice, and record keeping. The team may also contact sponsors or administrative and/or departmental offices at the university to seek information and advocate on behalf of the PI, or research issues pertaining to the review/development of the proposal, without consent from PI.