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The Office of Proposal Development is a service unit, working with Illinois faculty and other researchers to develop proposals in order to secure external funding. We:

  • Analyze the Request for Application (RFA); comparing the draft proposal to RFA for alignment and completeness
  • Edit, including re-writing as appropriate
  • Write the non-programmatic sections; broader impacts, data management plans, etc.
  • Provide detailed review of supplementary documents for compliance with sponsor formats and content, such as biosketches and letters of support, as well as assembling documents
  • Develop checklists and establish timelines
  • Coordinate pre-submission peer review
  • Provide logistical support and access to other available resources (science writers, graphic artists, budget specialists, biostatisticians, data management plan expertise and more)

A word about confidentiality

With the exception of publicly available information, Office of Proposal Development staff maintain strict confidentially in the services that we provide to the research community. In general, OPD does not share material, including proposal documentation and all associated files (including correspondence, budgets, design files, etc.) that we review or develop, or proposal-related information in internal and external systems, unless we have written consent from the project PI.

There are important exceptions to this practice. OPD staff may share materials internally for input, advice, and record keeping. The team may also contact sponsors or administrative and/or departmental offices at the university to seek information and advocate on behalf of the PI, or research issues pertaining to the review/development of the proposal, without consent from PI.  


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