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Search for Funding

The university subscribes to a database of grant opportunities called SPIN, the Sponsored Program Information Network.
SPIN can only be accessed at this time via a University of Illinois IP address.

Search SPIN

SPIN Search Tips

1. Set up a profile (at login) to:

  • Save search results.
  • Receive automatic updates regarding funding opportunities related to specific search terms from saved searches on a daily or weekly basis (called SMARTS notices).

2. Use a ‘Basic Search’ under the ‘Search’ menu to type in your own search term to get a list of opportunities that contain that search term within the funding announcement. 

  • Include quotation marks before and after search terms comprised of multiple words to capture the words in that order in the funding opportunity (e.g. “breast cancer”).
  • Use a + sign before a word to capture opportunities that may be relevant to all forms of a word (e.g. +farm will capture opportunities with ‘farming’, ‘farmers’, etc.)
  • Use a * after a search term word to capture opportunities with different suffixes added onto that word (e.g. nano* will capture nanotechnology, nanomanufacturing, etc.)

3. Narrow your search by including ‘AND’ to add a second search term (e.g. nano* AND agriculture).

4. Use the ‘InfoEd Keyword Search’ to find funding opportunities curated by SPIN/InfoEd staff that correlate with predetermined keyword categories, even if the keyword is not specifically listed in the funding announcement.

5. Set filters for award amount, date, location of sponsor, location of eligible applicants, etc. to tailor the funding search to opportunities of specific interest (e.g. funding opportunities for residents in the state of Illinois, or opportunities with an award amount greater than or equal to $2M, etc.).

6. Include or exclude expired funding opportunities, U.S. Federal opportunities, or limited submissions opportunities using the ‘Preferences’ menu.

7. Watch training videos under the Help menu to save searches, perform a Basic, Advanced, or InfoEd Keyword Search, and find other tips to navigate SPIN.

User Support

Please contact Suzanne Berry-Miller at

A number of campus, Federal, State, private, and corporate sources provide funding to support the research enterprise at Illinois. Find additional opportunities on the OVCRI Find Research Funding page.